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Mobile phones are the common and probably fast, affordable and reliable mode of communication in Africa. In the recent past, businesses have capitalized on this common device to reach recipients.

Ideal Software Applications LTD has developed a responsive web application to simplify sending sms to many recipients. From analysis of the market needs, the application has the following functionalities:

SMS Broadcast: This allows an organisation to use a friendly interface to type a message and send it to many recipients on a single click of a button. The administrator can upload an excel with the recipients to add mass contacts or ad one recipient at a time.

Scheduling: This comes in handy when a message is intended to go out when no one may be unavailable to send it. Say a company would like to send happy holidays message to their clients but they will be out of office. Any of the system users can type a message and schedule it to be sent at a later date & time to specified recipients.

Reminders: This functionality is useful to organizations which would like to send certain message to some recipients always at the same time say daily, weekly or monthly. The sms reminder is saved in the system and recipients selected. Once the regular interval is set, the reminder will always be sent at that time till the day the reminder will be stopped. This is useful like in Saccos where members are reminded to pay for loans or for any subscription based service.

Custom SMS: This allows the sender to add personalized information to each message that goes to the recipient. The generic sms has values which are substituted for each recipient like name, account balance, amount due, grade scored etc.

Groups: Most organisation have different groups which may need receiving information at different times. The application allows creating unlimited groups and add members to any group. When sending out an sms, the admin may specify which group to send to.

The application allows the organisation to register SMS sender Id bearing their name for instance ABC LTD may register ABC so that each sms received by the recipients will be from that Sender Id. The authenticity of the organisation’s Sender Id creates trust of the messages received by their members.

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