Importance of websites to organisations

In the 21st century, the internet has revolutionized the way any organisation showcase itself to the world. The world has become a global village with majority of the population owning or accessing gadgets which can connect to the internet. Therefore, any organisation which would like to be recognized can not miss the opportunity of having online visibility.

It is of crucial importance for an organisation to have a website for the following major reasons:

Increase online presence: Nowadays most internet users rush to Google when they want to find any information be it directions, restaurant, salon, supermarket etc. It is therefore important for any business to increase chances of being ranked by the search engines so that in case of any organic search they stand a better chance of being visible . This translates to increased traffic and subsequent increase in business.

Professional and custom email address: Most clients gauge the seriousness of any business based on the email addresses they use. Some clients many consider some business inferior just because they use generic email addresses like yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. When a business acquires a website, they automatically have the privilege of creating email accounts with their domain extension for instance if you company is ABC LTD and you own you can get any email address ending with extension.

Showcase your Portfolio: A typical website has the following pages: home, about, services and contact. The About Us page allows the organisation to explain their history, vision and mission. The services page is a great opportunity for the organisation to list all services they offer. The contact pageĀ  usually has a section for the organisation to display their physical address, postal and telephone contacts. Most websites have the contact form where visitors can fill and submit.

Ideal Software Applications LTD offers organisations a complete package that is affordable. The service includes domain name registration, web hosting , website design & development and website maintenance. We use responsive designs to ensure the website scales to occupy the available screen size whether on phones, tablets, medium screens or large screens.

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