Automated and Simplified Billing

The application was conceived after observation of the tedious and cumbersome billing process especially by water billing companies.

Most water billing companies have guys on the ground moving from one premise to another to record the meter reading. The data(current meter reading) is usually recorded on a note book and then delivered to the office. At the office, clerks basically uses excel sheets to calculate each clients bill from the units consumed and standing fee. After computing the bill due for each client, the billing companies uses sheets of paper to fill the bill and deliver the to each client. The clients are then expected to visit the office to pay the bills due.

The application is web based hence can be accessed by and device that can connect to the internet and from any part of the globe and does not need additional servers to function. Hosted on reliable servers makes the application available 24/7 and our dedicated support team is always available to assist when needed.

The application basically automates the entire billing process. The people on the ground can use tablets or smart phones to record the clients’ current meter reading. The bill is computed based on the units consumed and other charges. Clients are notified about their bills via sms. Upon payment, the clients can get sms notification, printed receipt and/or email notification.

The application is scalable and more functionalities are built for clients on demand such as querying balance via USSD and payments via mobile money transfer and card payments.

As our slogan goes: “Billing Simplified“, our application literally does the job on behalf of the billing company and staff.

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